Alternatives to Session

Session has a problem in the Web World, as based upon your Session Policy, objects could be added and built to the extent of leaving reasonable large chunks of “user objects” in memory for a large space of time.

The alternatives all leave the same problem, when you do not have an Event to indicate it is now time to DELETE the object (as more than one page may make use of it).

Here is a suggestion – CACHE object (with Expiration)

                DataTable users = new DataTable();


                if (Cache[“users”] != null)


                    // users = getUsers(customer);

                    Cache.Add(“users”, users, null, System.Web.Caching.Cache.NoAbsoluteExpiration, new TimeSpan(0, 60, 0), System.Web.Caching.CacheItemPriority.Default, null);




                    users = (DataTable)Cache[“users”];


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What to do after “Salvation”? (A Layman’s Guide)

I’m SAVED, Now What?

Welcome friend, to the Family of our Lord Jesus Christ! If you have given your life to the LORD Jesus Christ by believing on Him (Rom 10:9, 1 Corinthians 15:1-5, Eph 2:8) through faith, and now are a born-again believer, the question that soon follows, is what NOW?

A true child of God is not happy with just being “saved”, but seeks or desires to do more for Jesus Christ and to show his/her love for the One that died to remove their sin- out of love for HIM, and not out of desire to enter into heaven by doing good things (works).

Here are some guidelines from God’s Word that will assist you on your Christian journey based on 2 common questions?

1.      Can I lose my salvation?

Some believe or even teach, that if after you are saved through faith and you sin the GIFT of salvation is now lost. That is, if you died at the moment just after sinning, and did not “repent”, you will end up in HELL.

This is a lie – the Bible teaches that “ONCE SAVED, ALWAYS SAVED” (Eph 4:30). That is, you cannot LOSE something you never PAID for, or even earned by your actions whether – good or bad. When you are born into the family of God at salvation, you cannot undo your birth (. Just as much, as you cannot go back in time, and change how you were physically born through your father and mother, so to, you cannot go back and “undo” your spiritual birth. You may try your best, to deny your parents and even disown them by never talking or seeing them; it still does not remove the FACT that you are their SON or DAUGHTER – that’s exactly how it works “spiritually” because it was ALL of GOD in paying for your SIN and not about what you did or didn’t do (John 1:12-13, John 5:24, John 6:47, Rom 5:10, Rom 6:23).

2.      What does God desire from me?


a.       Your Heart

Before all things, give the LORD your heart – love HIM, think on HIM, talk to HIM, worship HIM – this comes first before “what you do for Jesus” and “what you learn from the Bible” (Matthew 22:37)

b.      Your Head

Learn more about who the person of Jesus Christ is, through the Holy Bible (2 Peter 3:18, John 1:1, 1:14)

c.       Your Hands

The failure of many Christians is to know much about God, and sadly to never do anything with what they know about HIM. From this comes false teachers and false preachers of God’s WORD. God’s great commission to you is to share the Gospel of salvation with those you meet and come across (Mark 16:15, Rom 12:1-2, Rom 8:27, 1 Thess 4:3, 1 Thess 5:6-18).


Secondly and most important join a local church, a bible-believing Church – that believes the gospel and that Jesus Christ is GOD. This is important for your growth in Christ, and for your learning; but also to be a light to others in the local church. (Heb 10:25). Get baptized, as a way of public witness to the change that has taken place in your life (Acts 2:41).

This is simply a guide, a next step for you to take as a Christian, may the Lord be your guide through HIS WORD and you go forth in FAITH believing HIS WORD.

Grace and Peace!



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jHeaderFloat– A jQuery plugin for a Floating Table Header




Today marks the alpha release of a program I have been working on, called jHeaderFloat.

Basically it attempts to float the Header of a table as you scroll down. It works pretty well, but there are still a few things to fix when other plugins like ‘DataTables’ are used – but this will be fixed in forthcoming releases.

[ Download on the Right]

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