Strokeit with Opera 

So not being the smartest cookie in the cookie jar, I recently moved over to Opera 9.
Why you may ask, well Firefox is a thing of beauty, with add-on’s that go from SA to China. However, it is a memory HOG. At the end of most days, Firefox is consuming close to 180MB of RAM with minimal pages open (yeah so Meebo is a bit of a pig), but still.

However, moving across to Opera I’ve seen that memory usage dwindle. The Max I’ve seen Opera use is 90MB. Well, I am still test running so will see. Oops I’ve lost track now.

Ok, if you having a problem using Strokeit in Opera, its simple; its because Opera as an application is disabled in StrokeIt to cater for Opera’s own mouse gestures. Just Open StrokeIt config, scroll down to Opera and UNCLICK the disable button.

No mess No fuss.

Dane Balia

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