Safari 3.1

Wow, is all I can say. The previous versions of Safari were terribly unreliable, but the release of Safari 3.1 has brought in an introduction of a new Default Browser.
I’ve only been using it for a while but it renders beautifully, not to mention how sexy it looks as a browser it self.
Its another one of my got to get EM –  Apple – Safari

Firefox has been a terrible disappoint for me, so this ushers in a moment of BLISS. I will put it through more testing over the weeks and make comments if it starts to chew up my resources like Mr. Firesux 2.0
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6 thoughts on “”

  1. Well numerous improvements there and still pretty good looking; with the usual out of this world media interops. Sadly, it still uses the Mozilla/Firefox engine and that irritates me.I have grown to really dislike Firefox. At time, I will leave my machine on for a week @ Sourcing, only to get back to see Firefox running like 140MB of my memory. I think I even once recorded 400MB or something ridiculous. How is Flock performing for you? What kind of memory usage we looking at with all those media capabilities?

  2. My flock is usually running at 80MB. It peaked at 200MB after I went a whole week without closing the browser or any tabs. The closing dialog box asked me if I wanted to close 659 tabs.

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