Arb Nonsense!

Well played some Golf over the weekend. Was a pathetic attempt at Golf play I’ve ever seen. Needless to say, in misery and not being able to afford an instructor at this point, I decided to buy a David Leadbetter DVD on how to improve your Golf Swing.

Will see how the peats out.

Anyways, its nice to have this anonymous rant place of stupidity, especially now the my Flock is able to blog directly to Blogger Beta again.

</end rant>


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2 thoughts on “Arb Nonsense!”

  1. Hi Dane Prety nice Blog site you have here,its great to see that you still have your witty sense humour that you had back in school.I hope you still remember me from Fairbreeze Sec.I’d really like to meet up with you if we can. You can drop me a mail at Ujen Moodley

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