Are we building strong families?


Family is something taken for granted in this modern day and age. I say taken for granted because very little effort is made to effectively manage it, to understand it’s priority, to understand it’s role and importance biblically. How so?

One only needs to look at the amount of time the modern family spends together. Both parents are now working, and to have a wife stay at home seems archaic or unnatural. Parents then spend 9-10 hours of their day away from their kids (working) – while others raise their kids indirectly, through direct or indirect conversations and behaviour. Parents then get home (tired, irritable and weary) and spend perhaps 2 hours with their children before sleep time. That’s collectively on a worst case scenario – 10 hours together as a family. 10 hours in a 120 hour work week. That serious strain on the family!

My thoughts here simple; are we following mainstream society in developing and building our families? Is the current day family ecological system right? Is the status quo sufficient for building strong families, for raising kids who are strong in spirit and able to be overcomers in the world?

God’s very clear on the importance of family, and initially when I started seeking for Biblical evidence I was a skeptic (believing that there was very little or unsubstantial). To my suprise, the Bible itself is built upon the foundation of family! Let’s review the facts:

  • References that speak of family (this is amazing!):
    1. Father – 852 references
    2. Mother – 226
    3. Brother – 331
    4. Sister – 103
    5. Child – 181
    6. Son – 1785
    7. Husband – 104
    8. Wife – 360
    9. Family – 76
  • Not only is there a plentitude of verses, but the very God-head, God himself, consists of family nuclei – a Father and a Son. Wow!
  • Jesus Christ was born into a family. That sounds simple – but realistically God didn’t need to do that; but Jesus was raised with a Father and Mother.
  • Jesus Christ came to earth to die for us, why? So that we may be called – the sons of God. All saved are now brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • The Bible calls believers – the family of Heaven and Earth.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ will one day soon return for His Bride. Husband shall betroth wife! A beautiful union – a marriage – a family!

That to me is an eye-opener; and if God could supplant theses truths in His Word, surely their important and to be considered.
It’s easy to say “My family comes first!” – but perhaps our assumption about our approach is not quite what it should be. Friends, we have the oppurtunity, sorry the privilege to raise our children, and either we spend the time writing on the pages of our childrens hearts; or those pages will be filled with the thoughts, morals and opinions of others (found at school, television, friends and society). How well are you guarding your treasures?

In Christ

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