ASP.NET Web Garden – Optimization

A key thing to note about using Web Garden is that they require the objects to be [ Serializable ] so that they can be stored. They are stored in the database a Binary (VARBINARY).

Further to that, is that by Default on ASP.NET page – every page requires session state to be loaded during page initialization and to be flushed after the page has completed rendering. When using out-of-process session state, this means two round-trips to the state server for each page rendering.

You can set on the three options on the Page to determine what should be done

  1. EnableSessionState=true attribute (is default and cause’s the two round trips)
  2. EnableSessionState=readonly – here you can save a round trip, but only getting session information during initialization
  3. EnableSessionState=false – another save, which will not load or flush to disk when Page processed.


Further Reading (1) (2)

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