Crisis at the Summit

What is ‘Crisis at the Summit’? Well inline with Pareto 80/20, 20% of your staff (hopefully) are your ‘Clever People’ or your most talented.As I grow in maturity in thought process, it becomes quite evident that in doing business in South Africa, Management tends to push blame rather than except it. By that I mean, they point to failings of people as opposed to understanding their people and managing them. Maybe its the ‘individualism’ concept which pervades our society today, America being case and point, and the movement away from ‘Collectivism’. I’m not talking about this on the level of Government, that being that argument for ‘Democracy’ vs ‘Communism’ but rather a cultural definition of people and doing business. It is in my opinion, that Manager’s need to mark, label and identify their ‘Star Peformers’ and they need to manage them differently.

There is in indeed alot to add to this, and maybe I’ll put it into a paper sometime, but I do believe, you cannot treat your ‘Talent’ with the some traditional paradigms of old, or of those belonging to the 80% of your traditional staff.

Anyways, just need to conceptualize my thoughts into the reality of text.

I’m out….’Idealism trying to apply Realism’

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