db4o TP is a nightmare, implement IStatefulJob

In trying to make db4o Transparently Persistent, I’ve given up.
The documentation is not as clear as I believe it should, the documentation (Tutorial pdf) appears to be incorrect or outdated.

Here is my forum question on how to actually turn on TP successfully.

I’ve just managed to solve my problem simplistically using Quartz: (wow, one word, one line)
public class Starter implements Job, StatefulJob {


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2 thoughts on “db4o TP is a nightmare, implement IStatefulJob”

  1. HiWell I definitely don't understand db4o to an extent where I would consider myself even intermediate.But I found working with TP difficult, because the documentation is different from the 7.4 PDF and the actual website. But that's fine since that is a newish feature.Basically what I was doing was trying to use a boolean flag to sync between objects to indicate whether a task was running or not.But for the life of me, I could not get the objects to sync across instances. That is, if one thread started running and started running, it would update this flag (db.store(), db.commit()). However the next thread would fire (60 seconds late) and the flag would have it's default value despite me querying the latest data.That's an overview to my problem.Thanks for caring!

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