Does God desire I surrender all at the cost of my family?


As a Christian in service to Jesus Christ, I often find myself overwhelmed by my passion to please Jesus Christ in contention with my desire to honour and love my family. How so you may ask – simply by the use of time.

I work 9 hour working day like anyone; get home and spend 3-4 hours with my 10 month old daughter and my darling wife. In fact my daughter sleeps much earlier, so in actual fact I really only see her for 1.5-2 hours (maybe an extra 30 minutes in the morning). That isn’t much to be influential, nor is it significant to write on the pages of her life – to impress upon her lessons about life, morality and the Lord Jesus Christ. Thankfully, my wife is at home, and she homeschools.

Then after the hectic work week comes the weekend, but it has it’s own commitments; Saturday Evangelism, Men’s Prayer in the afternoon, and two Sundays services (morning and eve). Now too me that’s a tall order! In these moments and events, a Father has to find time to minister to his wife, educate his child, and interact with his family in a way that is meaningful and filled with love.

Don’t get me wrong, serving and being involved in the ministries of a local church is not work, nor duty, but born out of a desire to please the Lord Jesus Christ. Secondly I’m clearly aware that “ministering” unto others is not momentary (at a scheduled time weekly), but rather hour by hour oppurtunities found in daily life. But in that itself, lies both answer and problem.

By way of an answer; there lies an approach to ministering and being a father – taking oppurtunities as they come, as life happens.
By way of problem; some events need to be planned and scheduled to get it done, or for it to be effective, and in that comes contention for one’s time.

The weights of these demands (work, church, family and the world) are ruining families, hurting church relationships, producing religion in Christians, causing children to love the world more than Christ, divorce and more so guilt. Over the next few weeks I intend through scripture to find some balance to this tension, and to answer the following questions:

  • Is it necessary to be at every church meeting?
  • What does God consider a faithful Christian?
  • What is my calling as a Father and Husband?
  • Life is about priorities, as it determines what get’s taken care off and how; where does my family fit in?
  • Does God care about families? Where is the scriptural evidence?
  • How much time should I be spending with my family?

This is my desire and hope that in looking to God for wisdom, that these articles may help others.

Grace and Peace

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