God’s Desire: Relationship

God’s Desire: Relationship


Question: As a child of God, a believer, what does God desire from me?



Firstly above ALL things, God desires to have “fellowship” with you. That is God desires to relate to you, and you to Him. Simplistically, He desires to have a heart, that loves Him, seeks Him, thirsts for Him and pursues Him. All the way back in Genesis, we see that when God created “Adam and Eve”, He would come down to the earth to meet with them (Genesis 3:8), to speak to them, to fellowship with them and to express His love for them.





Individual and Different:

Some would seek to “define” this relationship a child of God is to have with His Father, but that is impossible to do. God through His Word has given us some commands and principals by which we are to live, as found in the Bible, but how each of us are to “relate” to Jesus is different. Consider you and I as “artists” called to paint the same object – each presented with their own set of tools – paint, brushes and a canvas. Our personality, our perspective and our past may influence the painting completely – from the form and shape, to the array of colors used and the time taken to complete it. You may use less of this, and more of that, and I none at all – though the same tools, same object, yet a different end result. So too your relationship with Jesus is different and relational; to how God made you and what He desires from you. These basic tools for our relationship with Jesus are – (1) talking too Him (Prayer),  (2) learning more about Him (Bible) and (3) loving those around us, particularly fellow believers (Church). How we use these, in what measure, over what time, and frequency is based on our “heart” for Him, and who we are as individuals. 


How to have a “relationship” with Jesus?

I believe you know that answer as you have existing “relationships” with your parents, spouse, child or co-workers. But perhaps a great way to see this, is in that initial “courting” phase of a couple; it starts off by them desiring one another, then deciding to pursue the other person; then learning more about each other and seeking to spend time in each other’s company. This is the foundation of any relationship of intimacy, and the same is applicable in our “relationship” with Jesus


“And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God” (Ephesians 3:19). God above all, desires that you have a relationship with Him, because where there is no relationship, how can there be an expression of love, care or interest. To know Christ’s love, is to be IN LOVE with CHRIST.  The more time you spend with Him, the more you will love Him. This is a child of God’s first FOCUS, not “good deeds or works” – but a “relationship” with JESUS. As presented in the diagram above, “good works” follow a “good relationship” with HIM. Bless you!

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