God’s Word: Real World Application


Previously we looked at how God’s Word is Perfect which is pivotal to what we are going to look at today, so please review if necessary.The onus of today’s discussion however is that which the modern day Christian struggle’s with and that is the real-world application of their Bibles. There is so much Christian material – books, DVD’s, internet articles and tons of mp3 sermons online, and there is nothing wrong with that. However these things have become our ‘sustenance’ as opposed to the Word of God. That is, we see the Bible as just a ‘book’, and look for external sources to aid us in our trials, in that which we struggle with, while even considering or exploring psychology, a unbiblical approach. Our source for all things in this life then, is not Christ; but mediums through which we can experience Christ.


What We Do:

Christians today are found in a world that is ever-demanding, from media, to their jobs, friends, family and not to mention the Church. With all this pull, the Christian finds himself or herself, unsure and perplexed on how to manage all of this, or even to cope. Added to that is our own personal struggle with our ‘flesh’ and it’s demands, or put simply, our habitual sins.


And so, we go out looking for ways to survive and cope. We listen to the preaching on Sundays, but find it demanding even more from us. We search the Internet – passing in various keywords into Google to try and find something relevant or some other Christian who is going through the same difficulty as us. Perhaps our marriage is falling apart, or has reached a state, where both partners are in the ‘blame game’, and in wanting to save it, they resort to Christian psychologists or even modern day Freudian psychology. If you notice the pattern above, and I am sure you can identify, the intent of the heart is RIGHT, but it’s misdirection. How so?


What We Should Do:

Simply because unconsciously or by intent – we don’t believe the Bible can provide ‘real-world application’ to where we are at and what we are struggling with. And the reason we feel that way is because it’s not easy to get the answer – and so much so because we want the answer quickly. We’re not willing to ‘dig’, to allow God’s truth to permeate our lives, to spend time in prayer, to spend time studying God’s Word, and that is because we’re too busy, or too distracted. Why should I search for an answer to something, that someone has written about or already solved? That’s the approach.


This is not wrong in a sense, but what we do miss out on when we do this; that is for the opportunity to have our minds renewed by the reading of God’s Word, we miss the opportunity for us to learn the lesson ourselves, and far more, we miss the opportunity to build on our relationship with Jesus Christ. If in trial, we are searching the Bible for answers, pleading before God in prayer – through that process of taking our real world problems to Him – we start to grow in FAITH, to start to develop a dependence on God ALONE, and we start to gain a confidence in HIM (despite the harshest of storms).


The reasons people backslide or eventually leave Churches, or move away from Christianity despite having a head full of knowledge of Bible truth and doctrine, is that they never learnt by themselves, “How to get a hold of God”. That is, they never learnt, how to depend on Him fully for the answer to all their problems, and not just for the solution, but more so for strength to PUSH through and to carry on. Here are some verses to support the argument; (a) Psalm 27:14 (b) Psalm 119 (c) Proverbs 30:5 (d) Philippians 2:16

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One thought on “God’s Word: Real World Application”

  1. Amen! the Bible is real world practical help for everyday life situations and more, for those extraordinary problems life brings., It is the only source of wisdom. Those who rely on some inner peace or new age philosophy are missing out, contrary to popular belief the answer doe not lie within you, it is in the “MANUAL” the book of LIFE the Bible! “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed…”…2 Tim 2:15a KJV

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