Great Words, in Depraved Times

“Men are in a restless pursuit after satisfaction in
earthly things. They will exhaust themselves in the deceitful delights
of sin, and, finding them all to be vanity and emptiness, they will
become very perplexed and disappointed. But they will continue their
fruitless search. Though wearied, they still stagger forward under the
influence of spiritual madness, and though there is no result to be
reached except that of everlasting disappointment, yet they press
forward. They have no forethought for their eternal state; the present
hour absorbs them. They turn to another and another of earth’s broken
cisterns, hoping to find water where not a drop was ever discovered
Charles Haddon Spurgeon

There is only one true God, the Lord Jesus Christ and it is Him and Him alone that can satisfy! Are you saved?

If not: [ Please read this ]

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