So in finding a friend in HeidiSQL I also found what I deem a bug, though small.
Hope I get a response soon.

This is what I reported:

Hi guys

Just something I picked up in my use. We have large databases that have
anything from 900-2000 tables in them, it is around here HeidiSQL just sits
and waits with the usual dialog box of “Waiting for Query to Complete”. The
time it takes to do this is long; I’ve waited for close to 20 minutes for a
return before I could use the INTERFACE again. (yes I am aware that this is
the time the SQL statement took to return from our DB).

A SHOW TABLE STATUS FROM ‘myDB’ takes forever. Maybe, instead of a less
advanced view of table status, a mere description in the UI would be
helpful; as SHOW TABLE STATUS is rendering HeidiSQL unusable.

For example:
would be far more efficient.

Thanks guys for a great tool!

Dane-Garrin Balia

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One thought on “HeidiSQL SHOW STATUS NOT”

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