Microsoft – Where is my darn LINQ support for MYSQL

Well well, I just got to rant about this. I’ve been watching and following the entire development of .NET 3.5 for some time, and the biggest push for me has been LINQ. It has gathered so much momentum and its abilities are uncanny from DLINQ – LINQ->SQL. So after much reading and some eventual free-time I decided to implement, only realizing, wait, we don’t use MSSQL, we use MySQL.

Oh look, the VS2008 ORM doesn’t work, cause it doesn’t support .NET MySQL Provider.
Oh look, I can’t use LINQ for MySQL queries…..*cries*

This completely sucks, how difficult is it to code around Microsoft? Man I love you guys, but this is just ridiculous. I will plead a lack of knowledge in the architecture and its implementation, but it doesn’t sound that difficult. I mean, there is someone currently who has implemented a Mock up, but its not particularly standard Microsoft tool.

All in all, it seems lack any half-open source house will have to put a hold on the use of LINQ.

I’m not brave enough to use DBLinq in production.

Anyways, my whole point is that Microsoft has been *naughty* here, and its more irritating!

So I suppose I won’t be able to use some portions of PLINQ or TPL.

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