BLAH! Vagueness in the market place………

Is Vista really selling well or not?

Is the X-Box really outperforming the PS3?

Is the WII really selling more consoles then both Sony and Microsoft?

Is web pages across the internet still 80% written in PHP?

Ponderous questions which lead to endless debates, without any definitive arguments or facts.


Anyways, had a look at the new Mac Mini inclusive of the beautiful 20’inch (R7000) accompanying it.

Its amazing how few Mac users actually realise its UNIX (guess thats Apple’s selling poinit).

But what get’s me (ponderous no.2) is, why doesn’t Linux look and perform that well.

Hmm…..I mean XGL is far more awesome then Vista’s Aero……but still KDE/Gnome seem

almost third rate in comparison to Tiger or Vista.

End Mindless Dribble.


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