[ Pursuit of Happiness ]

Funny how people in life endlessly pursue Happiness.
Rarely ever stopping to think, what does happiness actually mean…
or more importantly at what cost / sacrifice is required for just this moment.

Thats what it is right, just a moment.
A single lifetime could be directed in pursuit of a single moment,
spent fervantly in that pursuit, amidst great cost and great pain,
but oh, how great an experience to live, just to live in that single moment,
when all is by and by.

Deeply disparate

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One thought on “[ Pursuit of Happiness ]”

  1. eich…There are those, who through pleasure or pain, expose themselves and others, to the butchers of fertility… or allow that that could have been good to grow and become unwanted. The seizing of opportunity and the moment is the “what”, and the difference that you make in peoples lives is the “how”. The maximising of the balance between these two is a function of how you choose to live your life. Remember that sacrifices in one area (depending on your morality, not your religion) in favour of enhancements in another, will allow you to influence the balance. It’s the balance that makes the difference, not the impact in one or other area.

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