Some Basic Drawings I’ve Done

I’ve been working on a Gospel Tract, one that is representation of how I present the Gospel on the streets; makes it easier to remember and understand if they go home and read it, after you have spoken to them. Kind of give’s it context, or so I think.

Needless to say, here are some “drawings” I made for it, it will be for a Black and White Tract (it’s cheaper to print), so I was looking for a clipart kind of look. Can’t wait to finish the tract and put it online, maybe someone could benefit from it, or praise God, “believe on the LORD Jesus Christ”.

(a)The Knight – My Favorite (these are old)



(b) The Horse Of The King




(c) Judge’s Hammer





(d) Calvary In Shadow






(e) Marriage 








(f) Why will Jesus Let You Into Heaven?


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2 thoughts on “Some Basic Drawings I’ve Done”

  1. I’m some what of an artist, myself. Very good. I especially like the one of the cross. The last two are surely rough drawings. The first four are excellent, though may be in fist stages of something better. The first one is could definitly be a finished drawing. On “f” make sure you fix the proportions of the head, the arms and the STOP sign and finger number. If you’re going to be making a tract with them, may I suggest thick strokes and interior shapes and sharp contrast. The one of the cross is is just like what you need for a multi-image tract.
    God bless your efforts.

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