Can I be of use to God?

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The immediate answer to the question without any further reading is YES!

In our lives in general, there is a broader question – do I provide value? That is, am I valued by others by the contributions I make. This may be indiscreet or subtle, but at the heart of it, that is innately each and every person’s desire. Because if there is no purpose, if there is no value add, then why LIVE? That sounds cruel, but that is not the scenario, particularly for a born-again Christian.

Understanding our motives, leads to the next part, and that of maturity. That is walking circumspectly on this earth, not to the effect that we can be valued or recognised or given glory, but rather through us, Christ is reflected and revealed to which He get’s the glory. That’s true purpose – that’s effectual, permanent and eternal. Yet often times as Christians in our local churches or by reading books of missionaries or even some good-old bible preaching at a church meeting, we find ourselves overwhelmed or even paralysed as to how WE, or how I, or how you can be effectual for Christ our God in relation to these aforementioned things. The burden becomes to large to bear. Why? Because the natural aspirations and accomplishments of so-called ‘more noble’ men and women call us to a higher way, a narrower road and so it should. But these things should never prompt us to be “SOMEONE ELSE”, it should never prompt us to live like “SOMEONE ELSE”, it should never force us to run the Christian race as “SOMEONE ELSE”. No! It should only show us, how great God is, and what can be accomplished by a surrendered vessel. A vessel pretending to imitate another vessel is not surrendered, merely confused.

Through this short article, we will gain some insight as to how God values us, and can use us DESPITE – whatever placeholder you want to put here!

 So the immediate question should be but where is your evidence biblically?

Let us consider Adam? The first man, created by God’s very literal own hand – yet, this man so richly blessed and divinely made would sin and alter God’s intent for him and his wife. Given so much power and dominion yet would fall and heed the words of the imperfect and created god satan. Adam nonetheless was not killed by God (though punishment did fall upon him), but still lived out his God intended purpose to be fruitful and multiply. Perhaps that is not worth considering as fulfilling one’s purpose, but one only need understand ‘free will’,  Cain chose to kill Abel, Lot slept with his daughters and so it goes on. Adam could have ‘freely’ chosen to reject God now knowing ‘good and evil’. He had a choice despite his failing, and it was still God (Genesis 3, 1 Tim 2:14). Lesson: God can still use you despite your worst FAILURE

Another man worthy of consideration is Moses. Born in the home of mighty Pharaoh became nothing but a murderer. In fact for forty years he was sent to the backside of the desert to farm and live life as a nobody. Not only was he a murderer and rejected by Pharaoh but had a speech impediment. Yet this was the very man that God would call (flawed, meek,murderer) to set his people free from the tyranny of Egypt and be the voice of God. I repeat there was a period of stillness in his life, while he was in the backside of the desert for 40 years where he wasn’t living out his initial call to set God’s people free. But God has his timing with men, his moulding and his purposes (Exodus). Lesson: God will use you even though you appear to be in the desert and without any purpose. Don’t let today, dictate the opportunity that may come tomorrow.  

Lastly, and there are so many examples in scripture, but let us consider David. Considered to be the man after God’s own heart. That’s not a light statement (Acts 13:22) but we need only consider David’s life, how he had an affair with Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11), and then killing her husband to secure her. How sick and how ruthless! This by a man who God hand picked to take the role of King of Israel. This man who was blessed with so much, yet here he is committing such a heinous act. That’s one of many, he also disobeyed God by numbering the people when he was not supposed too (2 Samuel 24). Lesson: Other’s may say you out, but a repentant heart find’s a loving God. God decides who He uses, not MEN, despite their pomp, rank or title!   

The summation of it all friends, is that God uses men and women, in different times, in different ways, despite their failings and despite what others may or may not think. We fail as Christians, as servants, as children to our Father, when we perceive our inabilities as hindrances, when we interpret our past sins as stumbling blocks and when we heed others direction as to how, where, when God should use us!

By the grace of God,


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