The Two Competing Laws in a Christian


Romans 7:25, I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.

The Law of God (in the Mind)

A Christian has two competing LAWS within Him, one that is the law of God and the other the law of Sin. Now we all are pretty well aware of what the Law of God is, it’s taught from the pulpit, it’s beginnings from our parents in our youth and it’s foundation and authority from our Bible. The MIND of itself can be moulded by the God’s Word or Man’s words (philosophers or laws of a country). Of course, the law in and of itself does not redeem a man, but has two parts:

1. It allows a man to see what He has done wrong, to his detriment
2. It allows a man to know what is right, to his embetterment
That is the Law’s purpose.

The Law of Sin (in the Flesh)

The Law of God is found in the Bible, and we can walk after that or choose to go the other way, NO, not the Law of Satan (Freudian psychology), but rather the Law of Sin, in other words the Law of Self-Love, the Law of Self, the Law of Appeasing One’s Flesh. Again this has nothing to do with nature, your flesh doesn’t have an inherited nature from the fall of Adam. By it’s design the flesh seeks that which easy, comfortable and self-serving. So as a born-again Christian, you can choose to serve your flesh (to which you already have victory), or choose to obey God with your mind. The choice is yours! As a born-again believer you become new in Christ (2 Cor 5:17), and thus not pre-determined to act and behave in accordance to the flesh.
But pay special attention where the victory is in the Christian life, that is where the battle is fought, not in the flesh, for it desires what it desires, but in the “mind(Rom 7:25). For example, we may have had a stressful day, and our first reaction may be to find satisfaction in a delicious chocolate (the flesh). However failing to stop and process the need of my flesh to find fulfilment, results in the fleshes victory, and perhaps a breaking of my diet, possible jeopardy too my health, and a financial burden I’m not equipped for. A simplistic example, but nonetheless accurate in terms of the importance of having God’s Word in our minds to steer us in the right direction through the Holy Spirit. This is not a logic contest, because logic fails in situations of heightened emotion or fleshly desire, however it is won, when the mind is moulded (frequently) and saturated by the Word (Law) of God. The things that cause the alarm bells to go off, that warning sign of potential danger is the Holy Spirit – bringing to light a potential breach to what is pleasing and acceptable to God. This is the necessity for reading our bibles and devotion, that our minds can be continuously moulded and shaped and given direction against our self-serving and self-preserving bodies (flesh). We are not sinners because of our nature, we are sinners because of choice.
Lastly, perhaps you asking yourself, how do I know or detect that I am a servant to my flesh, to the Law of Sin, here are some considerations:
  • When the Holy Spirit speaks do you listen? Alarm bells go off when you are about to engage in something sinful, do you ignore the notification, dismiss it?
  • Do you act without thinking and regret it later?
  • You are not spending sufficient time in the Word to mould and shape your mind, to give it leverage in early detection and prevention of sin (I know this sounds very formal, but it’s the intent)
  • You are concerned more about where others are in their relationship with Christ, than your own.
  • Your decisions making revolves primarily around you
  • Your mouth runs away with you, in regards to gossip, criticising others, lack of grace in conversations etc.
  • You spend more time defending “truths/doctrine” in the Bible, than being a Christian to others
  • The Bible is a tool for self-gain, self-preservation and self-exaltation
  • Your local assembly are seen as targets for attack or to be avoided, instead of a ground for ministering Christ

The Law of Sin is an easy trap to fall into, particularly given that at times, it can appear to have “logic” applied to it, perhaps even some Biblical support. There are hundreds if not thousands of men and women standing up today proclaiming a different kind of Christianity, leaving more and more Christians misguided, confused, hurt or turning to atheism. Ultimately the deciding factor, is the “Word of God”, and to what extent the believer is willing to saturate themselves in it, trying to come to truth, as opposed to leaning on what their flesh will be so suggestive on. Deciphering these differences and understanding this is a critical point in the battle for victory in our Christian walks.

God bless, Dane


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