The King Shall Come

1 Thess 4:13-18

Across the earth voices cry, 

oh when will precious justice reign? 

When will He, the God of all eternity, 

dwell with me.


The heathen mock and rage,

 spit and curse that Holy Name,

Yet Christian martyrs still His Name Avail.

Stay the storm brothers, till that blessed coming reign.


Oh the anguish, trials and sorrows our hearts oft cry,

But there is hope, there is hope I say.

For the King of Glory shall come again, 

Look up High, His splendour draweth nigh!


For on a horse, justice rides,

For He gathers against the fallen tides,

And in a swift voice and powerful cry,

Shall he vanquish the prince of demonic lie.


Down from the heavens and through the clouds He’ll descend,

Bearing all His saintly brethren friend,

And as we shout, exclaim and proclaim that Holy Name,

Our King would have surely come again.


And on that day joy and peace will come our way,

For in His presence we shall live day by day.

Yes I say,

Our Lord is coming back soon


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