Sencha Custom Build (ExtJs 4.0/4.1)

I cannot tell you, or express the deep frustration and anger I feel when a company who is so public, and who create such good software produces a tool to fulfill a desired task, but the documentation is near non-existent, the support lacking, and the tool itself, a piece of “junk” from the pits of hell. <rant over Sencha>

Moving along, if you want to build custom ExtJs, cause obviously the default one is too big to be used on production websites; here is the process to go about:

  1. Read This with a focus on the new MVC model as well as Sencha SDK –
  2. Download the SDK (version 2 and not 1.2.3)
  3. Huge thanks to Sottilde – (this is a must) – make sure you download the new PhantomJS file
  4. On the latter part of that forum, I posted my index-build.html, my configuration file (Layout.js) and some tips as well (especially if you using ASP.NET)

Hope that helps ya!

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