Struggling to Remember Passwords?

Much has been said about Passwords and their importance. The problem of course is that “security” itself is a hindrance to the memory as well as to man’s ability to fulfill a desired function. I often get stuck visiting different website, where I registered 1 year ago, or when I last accessed 2 years ago.

I like any ordinary programmer, would prefer using in Memory Cache (my brain), as opposed to using some tool to manage it with the possibility that it might be intercepted via keystroke or the password cracked to provide every one of your details.

Instead what I have done is a simple concept; I have a Password Structure that is dependent on the Website I visit. An example;

Structure: <Last 4 Letters of Surname><Website Name><First 4 Numbers of Cell Phone>

So if I visited Gmail;

My password would be:


Now instead of having to run some stupid password generation tool, or even bother with opening KeyPass; I have a generic structure to which I can approach any site and know my password.

Holding the Key to the Door, Makes it Much Easier to Turn the Knob.



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