Vmware 6.0 Beta 3, Impressive!

 So I managed to get VmWare 6.0 working on my machine. An earlier version of the Beta hung my Vista for close to 5 minutes. Beta 3.0 seems to be a real gem and now includes a host of new features from:

a) Individual VM’s across multiple screens

b) Support for USB 2.0

c) Virtual Debugger which plugs into Eclipse or VS2005

Thats just to name a few. Pretty cool.

I also managed to get StrokeIt to work seamlessly on Vista; simply by totally disabling UAC.

Open Control Panel -> Search for Account -> Option will Appear to disable UAC


Back the grind of work. This week is a whole lot of old code at work….damn ASP.

Guess I’m a bit late on the bandwagon, but its interesting how ASP actually works in the background via the ASP.DLL which is basically an ISAPI filter. Microsoft has done some good eh!

Hopefully next week I’ll get back to C#.


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