Well I’m back

After a spat of moving from one Browser to the next in search of who knows what.

Guess sometimes you need a change, and well I left Flock, and moved to SeaMonkey.

After enjoying a long run with SeaMonkey it dawned on me, Firefox is a most productive tool,

especially with my ScribeFire addons, URL automated search (no extra click) and the beautiful FoxMarks

which for me makes delete.icio.us.

Moving on, I’ve now updated my main website with a very cool Jar Builder Installer.

After scouring the net and being particularly lazy, I couldn’t find a decent Installer Builder.

Everything either required me to hack some Ant Build Script to work through a sequence of XML files.

All in all, IzPack looked pretty good, but as an admin you seen realiase, that most onsite installations at customers

rarely ever have a GUI. So in desiring something command-line driven and simple, I wrote a basic jar GUI, and it

seems to work pretty well.

It also provides a Java Entrypoint Class which you can configure to execute any script you like, either in

windows or unix.

Well thats me, time to sleep.

This 3:00 AM thing is becoming to frequent.


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