What He Did…

sunset jesus cross.jpeg

Up on a tree, placed they the King of Majesty,

Up on His hands and feet, they raised our Lord, beat;

Up He pulls to grasp some air, there laid Jehovah all things bare;

Up He cries, why do you forsake me, I’m a man of no lies?


Across His face, the blood marks a man not spared any grace,

Across His head, the thorn crown now painfully wed,

Across His back, torn flesh, from incessant attack.

Across His side, a spear is pierced inside!


Down into the depths He plunges and dies; searching out the woeful heart cries;

Down into the heat damned eternal, he descends into satan’s cursed home infernal;

Down amidst the pain and anguishing screams; stands a “preacher” with the gospel of heavenly “dreams”;

Down amidst the saints He tells the story, and marches back up unto ‘Heavenly Glory’.


Up into the heavens, he doth ascend, followed by those so dear as a “friend”,

Up into the sky , and way up high, stands the Lord near the God, Adonai!

Up in the heavens, He approaches the throne, and places the blood that will ever atone;

Up in the heavens begins a “shout of glory”, for herein begins a “beautiful story”.

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