Why did God create “flawed” humanity?

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It’s often overheard “Why did God create us humans to be sinful?”. Usually when that question is asked, it’s someone struggling with the character and nature of God, and the blame often goes to God’s failed DESIGN. It’s indeed a tough question to answer, and often avoided or swept under the carpet by Christians. However, recently I re-read a book that just struck me and gave a really good and logical answer.

God initially programmed and designed “creation” (through scientific law and reason). In fact, it was perfect, it was “mechanical and fixed to precise innate laws”. The physical universe did not have capacity to make choice, it would never disappoint Him or surprise Him. However God wanted a self-portrait, as a painter desiring to express Himself, “He fashioned an image of Himself, to extend His own self-consciousness, He formed a being who, like Himself would stand completely apart from nature, above all other creation”. “When God gave way to self-expression, generating the human race, He was duplicating His own independent personhood.Thus when He exhaled his breath into Adam’s lungs it was the end of the Creator’s control. God stepped back, and before Him stood a creature made of the essence of God, an independent, self-determining, personal soul, distinct from all others, including God.” With this came free-will, came choice and it’s expression thereof. So “why did God create the human race to be sinful?”, He didn’t. He granted the embodiment of Himself, on a finite-level, the freedom to act, behave and choose as God-himself would, and what man did with that freedom, was entirely his own, as it was God’s. We are reflections of our CHOICE, not our DESIGN.


All italics and the majority of this thought, is found in the book

By Divine Design – Michael Pearl

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