Why do we DO NOTHING while SOULS head off to DIE?


I’m not a big believer in God ordaining man,
to the pits of all damnation, in line with satan’s plan.
I’m of the firm opinion, that Christ died once for all,
to make a plan of salvation, to the sinners like Saul & Paul.

Now dear Christian reader, you call yourself TRUE,
but do you do the Master’s work,
or is this life, just all about YOU?
Millions are dying every day, yet we stand there full aware,
while having the cure, we stand obscure,
to scared to tell the truth.

That Jesus Christ came to the earth, 2000 years ago,
to bear His life upon a cross,
considered nothing more than useless dross.
But on that Cross, He did atone, for my sins and your’s alone,
bearing the pain, and awful shame,

Now Christian reader, how long will you sit idly by?
When thousands in around you are headed of to die.
The place they are going is not some simple tomb,
it’s a burning fiery furnace of eternal darkened gloom.
But instead of rushing forward to warn these dear souls,
We’re sitting in our seats, warming up against the cold.

Oh how long will we forget the Master’s cause,
That He came to die, for you and I,
and to save our precious souls.
Now is the hour dear friend, hear the bells long rung,
redeem the precious time that’s now,
and shout the Hosanna song.

Let us stop the excuses, let us not further shy away,
but tell others about Jesus, so they won’t be cast astray.
Time is off the essence, they soon may die today,
Please just go and tell them,
He died for all their sins to PAY.

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